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    Default MR memory management

    Hi folks,

    i'm currently rendering an heavy scene and face some troubles.

    render region and xsi rendering crashes anytime (memory faillure), and instead i use xsi command prompt. it worked better but crashes very often, and now crashes anytime.

    there are about 150 lights there, not really for key lighting but they have to be there, it is part of the scene.
    there are also a lot of objects like lights supports.
    mental ray spends a big lot of time doing "begin instgroup ***/***/**** "

    then, MR says:
    " JOB 0.x debug: cache flush: yields nothing."

    if i understand well, MR doesn't manage to empty his ram, because it is full and there's nothing to remove.

    i have tried with different memory limits settings from 512 to 2000, or no limit, and it doesn't change anything.
    there are around 15 textures maps in this scene, and the biggest is 1024 8bits png. not so big, right?

    i guess i should have used instance for those lights and supports, but i needed to edit them localy.

    how can i manage this mess?
    or, can the problem be located on the computer itself?

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    Sounds like you have a lot of geometry. Are you using a lot of GI methods? This may force mental ray to keep a lot in the scene because it's getting hit by rays for final gathering, etc.

    Instance as many objects as you can insted of duplicating them. Break them into medium sized pieces. Limit the length of rays that are uneccessary (some objects don't need to get a reflection from something far away or a final gather contribution, etc) Choose large BSP or BSP2 for the scene acceleration structure and try pure raytracing instead of a scanline algorithm.
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