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Thread: Maya 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and mental ray iray

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    hehe yeah, but the 0x1 iray for maya is just for 2014 and its really expensive. thats the reason why i currently work on my own script to get a nice ui for iray in maya 2014 and 2015.
    I will post more infos tomorrow in a seperate thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nbreslow View Post
    What version cudart##_##_##.dll are you using?
    You should take the one coming with the libiray.dll. The CUDA library might be slightly different dependent on the mental ray version integrated into the product releases or service packs. The most recent one for mental ray 3.11 was CUDA 4.2, so ###_42_9.dll.

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    Default Iray Rendering in Maya UI

    Hey guys

    I made the script "Iray Rendering in Maya".

    Iray Rendering in Maya is a free script that adds all required string options to the miDefaultOptions node to enable Iray and its features in Maya 2014 & 2015. It also offers a nice and user friendly UI to control and set all the different options of Iray to get amazing and physically correct renderings.

    New features in Maya 2015:
    - Degrain Filtering
    - Bloomfiltering
    - Caustic Sampler

    Note, this is an unofficial way to use Iray in Maya. This is why you can only use Mental Ray materials etc. Use on your own risk. I cannot give any quarantee!

    Feel free to download. Feedback would be nice

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    Thanks, great script!

    I'm playing with iray inside maya 2015 and it seems that file textures plugged into color slots of mia_material_x get automatically linearized. Is it possible or am I doing something wrong?
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