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Thread: 3ds Max 2011 Slate Export does not work

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    Default 3ds Max 2011 Slate Export does not work

    So after reading the release notes and looking for some info in the user guide I still can't get the new 3d Max 2011 Slate ME Export to work.
    Whenever I export a Shader tree oder Phenomena I get this message:

    So, as you can see no .msl-file is created on export as it it here in Zaps video tut:

    Here is my mill project file I used:
    Front_bright Mill Project

    However, after export I can use the shader in Max viewport but it does not render in mental ray... probably because the msl-file is missing.

    So what can I do? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Greetz Ben

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    I got it to work. Seems it is the old regional settings bug. I am german and my nummber format settings are 123.456.789,00. I changed it to english and now everything works as it should. Really annoying bug...

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    interestingly if the "color" parameter is linked to a texture sampler
    then everything works ok even in the viewport. (So a pure red image


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