Hi folks
1st let me just apologise in advance if i have posted this in the wrong section, if i have would a admin please move it, in my defence i am new to the forum and 45 years old so senile dementia is a real consideration.

Ok am currently using XSI 7.0 on an IBM IntelliStation Z Pro workstation, running 32bit 2x 3.2 Ghz socket 604 Zeon cpus. OS is Windows XP 32bit.
I know its old kit but i manage with it, and for various reasons i cannot upgrade my workstation until sometime after the new year.

I am embarking on a solo project, producing a serialised animation.

To this end a helpful friend just gave me a HP Proliant DL585 server, 64bit 4x dual core 2.66 Ghz AMD Opteron cpus, and 8gb of Ram.

Thinking it would make a good standalone render box for my project, obviously am quite exited about this, but after thinking for awhile i have a few questions concerning integrating these to boxes with each other.

The most obvious issue is the need to use Win XP32bit on my workstation and a 64bit OS on the new render box (probably) Win7-64bit or Win XP-64bit.
Can you mix 32bit and 64bit OS for network rendering with XSI 7.0?
I know XSI 2011 will, so maybe something else i'll just have to stick on the upgrade list.
If i can do this in XSI 7.0 would i be best matching Win XP32 on my workstation with Win XP64 on the server, or would Win7 64 be ok?

Anyone know or think of any other issues i may encounter??

Thanks in advance