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Thread: Welcome to the world of iray

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    Exclamation Welcome to the world of iray

    Hello everybody,

    you may have noticed that recent versions of our rendering products, like mental ray 3.8 and beyond, introduce a new rendering mode iray. This is our new technology to render photo-realistic images at interactive frame rates with the help of modern GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) supporting CUDA.

    If you like to know more details please refer to our website.
    But let me give a short summary of the iray rendering mode:

    The iray rendering approach computes all dominant and subtle lighting effects in a scene to generate physically accurate and consistent photo-realistic results. It does not use any approximations that are typically used in traditional renderers, like pre-computed irradiance caches. As a consequence, there is no need for tuning and tweaking parameters of the algorithm to achieve a high quality image. In fact, there are no parameters, almost. The iray rendering mode has been developed to leverage modern GPUs for computations, and the resulting rendering performance scales almost perfectly with the number of CUDA devices in a multi-GPU setup. This delivers extreme speed improvement for compute-intensive effects like indirect illumination or image-based lighting. For the first time, the physically correct behavior of light and shadow can be studied interactively in all aspects, without compromising quality.

    This forum section is intended to collect and share experience and knowledge regarding iray. Please feel free to also discuss general topics of iray technology that is incorporated into rendering and visualization products of our partners and vendors.

    Happy iray rendering

    Steffen Roemer
    Product Manager mental ray
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    Exclamation iray 2 with motion blur available in mental ray 3.10

    Hello mental ray iray users,

    in case you are not aware, the new version of mental ray 3.10 comes with the second generation of iray. One of the highlights of this generation 2 is the introduction of motion blur rendering, a much anticipated feature. It works almost automatically with your existing animations if you have enabled regular motion blur options in mental ray, like shutter. It uses a brute-force technique of continuous play back and composite of the rendered subframes converging to an accurately blurred image.

    The version mental ray 3.10 is available within the most recent Autodesk editions 2013 of Maya, 3dsMax, and Softimage, as well as with Standalone.

    Happy rendering
    Best, Steve.

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