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Thread: display backface in the 3DS Max viewport

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    Default display backface in the 3DS Max viewport


    I discover recently the mental mill software and I planned to use it for presentation purpose of realtime object.
    I'm a really noob with shader programing, so that why my question could seem simple. But I can't find a way to display backface in my viewport.
    I found the state_backface node, which seems return a true value whenever the face is viewed from the back, but I can't find a way to flip the face and normal inside the shader.

    Thanks for the help

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    If I understood you correctly, you want to flip the normal of an object inside out which is quite easy:

    • Create a State_normal node
    • Create a Math_float3_subtract node and attach the result of the state_normal node to the input named "right" of the subtract node. This will basically invert the normal.
    • Expose the normal parameter of the node that yo want to override: Right click the upper or lower bar and choose "Add State Parameter > normal". This will expose the default normal of that node so that it can be overridden.
    • Connect the result of the Math node to the normal input

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    Hi! I too am looking for a way to display both front AND backfaces using a custom shader created in Mental Mill, however the above doesn't work as expected, instead of actually drawing the back face it simply inverts the normal on the lighting calculation so the front faces render dark and the 'back faces' remain invisible.

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