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Thread: Free* Trial requires a $500 agreement?!

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    Default Free* Trial requires a $500 agreement?!

    Maybe I'm just confused... but is there Any way to get the trial of mental mill installed without having to agree to pay $500?

    I dont give out my credit card info lightly, especially for "free" things.

    Is the only way to get a free trial of Mental Mill to agree to pay $500 then cancel your "order" before the time runs out?

    It's a bit ridiculous to ask this of your trial users, at least without offering a "limited" trial version that is actually free (no saving functionality and a time limit or something along those lines)

    I would love to try out this software, and learn it, and see if it's worth talking to my company to see if they will purchase it. But there's no way I'll risk a $500 charge over testing something out.

    Is there anything I can do? or should I just move along and keep trying to write my own shaders?

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    I think if you have an Autodesk 3D Package, at least for Maya, you get a license bundled that you can use for Mental Mill. At least it used to be this way.

    Not sure if there's the same deal for other versions of these software.

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