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Thread: Fatal Error: No License Available?

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    Default Fatal Error: No License Available?

    When i try to launch Menal Mill, I immediately get this error message:

    Fatal Error
    Sorry, no mental mill licenses are available.
    Please run the mental mill License Tool to obtain a license.
    See the mental mill release notes for more information.

    How do I get the program working?
    We bought this license, so it's legit, not a demo.

    -Marty Kenney

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    Did you ever get any answer to this problem? I have a similar problem but didn't want to create another post. I signed up for the mental mill standard edition 30 day trial for linux 64 bit. I installed it and downloaded trial license key. I did not find any instructions on what to do with that key. I launched the miLicenseTool in /var/spm and the License Tool pops up with the title USB Hardware Key Not Found. In the body, I have
    The SPM Hardware Key was not found. Please make sure it is inserted in a free USB port. I don't know why it is asking for that. All I have is a txt file with the 30 day license key. Is there someone I could call directly for support? I also tried starting up the spm service but it fails to start up. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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