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Thread: Having Trouble with pooling effect on striped materials

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    Default Having Trouble with pooling effect on striped materials

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    As you can see I am having trouble with materials that have vertical or horizontal textures making pools. This is a render in reality player and even when I render it, the pooling is still there. Is there a node I can add in mental mill to the material to prevent this? Thanks!!

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    Typical moiré pattern due to the high amount of contrasting small details being re-sampled on the fly with a crude method that is not doing it in a smooth manner.

    I'm not familiar with reality player, but one way could be to use pre-generated texture LOD's such as Mip-Maps. Only format I am familiar with that has pre-generated Mip-Map levels is the DDS-file-format. If your renderer has some form of Anti-Aliasing this could help as well.

    EDIT: Using anisotropic texture filtering could also help to give better results on faces at glancing angles, i.e. usable for walls, floor, ceiling or other long objects that are point inwards/outwards from your camera.
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