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    Default Development Users

    We now have a mental ray sub-forum area for community development of scripts, programs, shaders, or other tools to aid in rendering with mental ray. It is implemented as a user group with private access to the new forum. You may ask to sign up in this thread, or in private messages. If you agree to these conditions say so, and I will add your registered account name into the mental ray Dev User group.

    Development User group Forum
    Conditions of Use

    - Do not share these developments with others outside of this group until we officially agree as a community on their release. If others are interested, suggest they ask to join the "Development" User Group. That said, we do want to release incrementally and often.

    - There is no warranty that UI, programs, scripts, shaders, tools will work

    - The UI or API for a given release may change. Since it is very likely that the interface (number/name of control parameters) may evolve, do not depend on them to not change for production. Prepare for adaptation.

    - Release versions may be incompatible with test versions, or other previous versions. Files saved with one version may not load with a later version. Therefore, due to possible default or other values changing, the images produced might render differently. For a given production, plan ahead for selecting an appropriate version.

    - We do ask for production-oriented testing and feedback, so consider making test cases duplicated from actual production scenes. Testers who are mental ray informed, but not necessarily developers, are welcome, and in fact, essential to ensure we are targeting the development correctly.

    - Please follow suggested style guidelines, naming recommendations, and software package structures. Though these may evolve as the community agrees, deliberate ignorance of these agreements, or picking fights with others over these agreements, may prompt removal from this group. Be mindful of various perspectives.

    - By downloading and using this development, you agree to these conditions
    Barton Gawboy

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    Hi Bart --

    It would be very helpful to have access to the development group as well as the beta group!


    ed Manning

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    Thanks ,Bart
    I think it's a good oppotunity for me to compile some custom shaders. Lots of problem exists before.

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    Me too, will be happy to contribute. I more a MR informed than a developer.

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    hi, please add me to the development usergroup forum too, thanks

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    I'm a former programmer, changing careers to VFX, aiming to become a tech artist.

    I'm currently not developing software but it's likely that I will dig into several API's in the future in order to make tools or extend the software. So I want to get to know Mental Ray not just as an artist but also on a very technical level. I'm working mainly with Maya, for the moment, but I will pick up any knowledge I can about other software.

    Would you add me to the development forum, please?
    I agree to the conditions in the first post.

    Thank you.

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