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Thread: Faceted edges/ render wireframe

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    Default Faceted edges/ render wireframe

    I'm an artist, just jumping in to some Mental Mill. I was wondering how/if its possible to either render the wireframe for use in a material, and/or create faceted edges?

    I'm trying to attempt a papercraft like shader, and either bumping out the edges, or just making the faces faceted would be wonderful. I know the models could just be exported with faceted normals, but I wanted to see if it can be done in the material.


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    I'm not sure if this is applicable to Mental Mill, being very much a newbie to all this MR stuff. But for the benefit of anybody else who might be looking to do this: I recently discovered that the contour shaders will allow you to render face edges for wireframes. Here's some .mi source code (substitute the "textures/tex_wave.rgb" texture with your own displacement map):

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